Hi everyone a few months ago i became a memmber of the big Honors chorus group so I thought it would be an interesting topic for today. I hope you love it #enjoy

Sophrey's Daily

Singing is basically one of my favorite things to do. I have been singing ever since I was five. I used to be so shy. I would never let anyone hear my voice. I never went for any singing classes or had any type of training. I just listened to my favorite artists sing from their hearts and I would do the same. It wasn’t always that hard. As the years past by singing in front of my family became a lot easier, but that wasn’t enough because the world hadn’t seen me yet.

So, when I got to sixth grade, I heard that my school had a choir and the best part was, you didn’t have to audition for it. The choir was a fun afters-school activity. We learned songs like jingle bells, Rudolph the red nose reindeer, and a very nice African song. We rehearsed every Thursday until…

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